Tuesdays, Tuesdays

I have to ask: does anyone find it easy to be distracted on Tuesday?

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For your sake, I hope not; for my sake, I hope so because that would make me feel better.

Monday you’re coming off the refreshment of Sunday, or possibly in recovery mode from Sunday. (for me it’s usually a combination of both) It’s easy to focus, to make a list, to engage the children…

…and then Tuesday comes and it’s just not there anymore. I make excuses, I get distracted, I don’t accomplish very much and then I feel horrible.

It was just a few weeks ago that I noticed this pattern and began wondering if it happens to anyone else.

So please, share your thoughts! Have you noticed certain days of the week that are more of a struggle than others? Certain times of the day? Have you developed any strategies to combat this?

Right now I’m simply in the recognition phase. So I try to think on Monday night what I can do to be more ready and try to be more aware of the temptation to lose focus throughout the day.

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to leave this time management hiccup for the next inevitable one. = )

Btw, I wrote this last week and true to form Monday was great! I’m setting this to post tomorrow (Tuesday) and hoping for the best. = ) 

What in the world is going on around here anyway?


Well hello, dear readers. I felt like before jumping head first into the week that I would stop and talk about what is going on with this blog.

Expect no chronological order, sense or sensibility. I’m just chatting about what is going on.

You may have noticed that the appearance of the blog has changed. I warn you, it may keep changing. I’m not really content with the look, but currently lack the skills or time to make it something I would be permanently happy with. Every now and then I go to WordPress and try out different themes; sometimes I change it to see how I like it for awhile. If this bothers you, in all seriousness, would you mind telling me? I have in my mind that it doesn’t really matter, but I certainly don’t want to irritate anyone if that is not the case.

Next, I have not been blogging as much, which is kind of a good and bad thing. Bad, because I dearly love and enjoy it; good, because I am trying to be more productive at night, because I’m able to spend more time with Paul, and because I’m trying to go to bed earlier.

The content I have almost ready to go right now is short, practical thoughts about pregnancy. Not very exciting, but rather what’s in my brain right now. Also, not written yet, but I have a few ideas about spring and spring cleaning.

The posts that I most want to work on or publish are longer ones about topics I think about often or am personally working through. I often don’t even start to write these because the inspiration for the right words isn’t there, or it will be annoying to be interrupted, or I wonder what’s the point of me writing stuff like that anyway. I read an article last night that I thought was really encouraging. (read it here) Anyways, based on that, I am going to try writing more even it’s just a few sentences here and there and still doesn’t become final for months. I would love to be able to publish one of these of month???

I need to write a post about the Edith Schaeffer book, The Hidden Art of Homemaking. Another thing I keep putting off because it feels like it will take a long time to write.

Of complete unimportance, sometimes I think about trying to monetize this blog. I was planning on trying to get an amazon affiliate link when I read somewhere that it was no longer available in my state. So I have not checked into it further. Although I’ve read about how to make money with blogs and thought about it, I just don’t have the space in my brain or the desire in my heart to make it happen right now. Though I want this blog to be a blessing to my extended family and friends and hope that it will be an encouragement to those who read, it’s primarily just an outlet for me. I would say creative outlet, but that feels like a stretch. I enjoy writing about what’s going on and having to produce content or manage any kind of finances regarding the blog would be a stress I don’t need right now. Along with that is the motives of my heart. My husband works really hard to provide for our family and I find a lot of security in trusting my provisions to be given by God through him. At a different time it might be wise or good to use this blog for other things, but for right now I’m happy with how things are.

One thing I want to get better at is taking pictures consistently of the girls to post for family and friends.

That’s all I can think of for now. I would love to hear if you have any questions or comments.

Oh, one more thing. WordPress now has something worked out with Getty Images where we can use their photos for non-commercial purposes. The easiest way for me to use it currently ends up with a big Getty Images label under the picture which I really don’t love. I’m trying to decide if I should keep using them anyway or find something else or use my own shots (not the greatest quality). Anyways, just a heads up if you see newer pictures around here.

Thanks so much for reading whether this was your first visit or your one-hundredth. Every comment or “like” is so encouraging and so fun. I’d love to hear what’s going on with you!