Tuesdays, Tuesdays

I have to ask: does anyone find it easy to be distracted on Tuesday?

via Getty Images
via Getty Images

For your sake, I hope not; for my sake, I hope so because that would make me feel better.

Monday you’re coming off the refreshment of Sunday, or possibly in recovery mode from Sunday. (for me it’s usually a combination of both) It’s easy to focus, to make a list, to engage the children…

…and then Tuesday comes and it’s just not there anymore. I make excuses, I get distracted, I don’t accomplish very much and then I feel horrible.

It was just a few weeks ago that I noticed this pattern and began wondering if it happens to anyone else.

So please, share your thoughts! Have you noticed certain days of the week that are more of a struggle than others? Certain times of the day? Have you developed any strategies to combat this?

Right now I’m simply in the recognition phase. So I try to think on Monday night what I can do to be more ready and try to be more aware of the temptation to lose focus throughout the day.

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to leave this time management hiccup for the next inevitable one. = )

Btw, I wrote this last week and true to form Monday was great! I’m setting this to post tomorrow (Tuesday) and hoping for the best. = ) 


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