What the fly on the wall heard

So many funny things have been said in the last months, but these are the three I remembered to write down. Enjoy!

We were reading one of our favorite books with the girls when we saw the page with the taxi on it. (There’s a taxi with all of one number here in town that the girls love to spot as we drive.)

“Hey girls,” I asked, “do you think that’s a 999-9999 taxi?”

Gracie hunched over the picture. “No,” she began slowly, “it’s a T, A, X, one – taxi.”

Oh the giggles!


For breakfast one morning I cut up a good amount of oranges for the girls. While we were eating I had to take Zoe up to her nap. I found the oranges all eaten when I returned with a huge pile of peels on Mckayla’s plate.

“Uh-oh girls, you ate all the oranges already.”

The girls began to pipe up,

“I only had two.”

“I only had five.”

“I only had three.”

Mckayla joined in, her voice just as disappointed as her sisters,

“I only had fifteen.”


The week after Christmas we enjoyed a family hike at a nearby walking trail. I led the pack pushing Owen in the stroller with Gracie behind me and Mckayla behind her. Paul pushed Zoe in her little stroller while keeping up with Hope and Sophia who were in explorer mode complete with hats, backpacks, walking sticks, pencils, notebooks, and rulers.


Gracie piped up as we walked, “I’m a shepherd and you’re a star!”

That was funny enough, but she really got me when a few minutes later she added, “Why am I following a talking star?”




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