What the fly on the wall heard

Hello dear everybody out there. Just bringing you the latest and greatest random, ridiculous, and silly things said around here.


Hope received a wooden bead/pipe cleaner craft set for Christmas. I figured she would use it here and there for a while, but she sat down and used all the beads making bracelets in one hour! It was impressive; I wish I had taken pictures.

Anyways, she said she wanted to take them to her Sunday school and give them to all the girls. Sounds great! We boxed them up; she made a sign explaining they were free and anyone who wanted one could have them, and off to Sunday school they went.

Apparently, it was a great success. They were all gone but three, and Hope was glowing.

Paul was asking her questions about how it went and she was giving us the play by play. Paul asked if any boys had taken any.

Hope shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well, a few of them did; but I couldn’t really control that.”


Last night, Gracie asked me what was for dinner.

“Beef strips, cooked carrots and couscous.” I answered.

“Tooth boost?”


One morning while I was cleaning up from breakfast, the girls got this idea to have Mckayla be their little friend “Mckenna” who had come to spend the night. They took her all over the house explaining all the rooms.

“This is the room where you will stay. This is where you’ll use the bathroom. This is where so-and-so sleeps.”

They finished the tour at the kitchen. I was sweeping the floor.

“And this is our maid. She cleans and cooks for us.”

2 thoughts on “What the fly on the wall heard

  1. I am still laughing at your last entry – “Mckenna” must have been ready to move in since there was a maid to cook and clean for them 😄

  2. Your last one is hilarious! How funny! Time to get new maids. 🙂 And I would have thought the same about couscous–never tried it.


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