cleaning my diy chalkboard

So proud of this baby!
So proud of this baby!

After two solid weeks of use in school, our chalkboard was quite ready to be cleaned.

I will not be posting anything about making the chalkboard because there are so many out there already. However, when I googled how to clean a diy chalkboard, it was a little sketchy.

Hence, my sharing how I cleaned my diy chalkboard. This chalkboard is just wood from Lowe’s painted in three coats with chalkboard paint. I’m happy to say that this cleaning method did not chip or damage the paint in any way.

The best tip I could find was to use warm water and vinegar so I decided to try it.

I filled up the sink with warm water and poured in some vinegar. They suggested using a bucket, but buckets always manage to be filled with junk at my house, so the sink is a much faster option. = )

Previously, I used a dry rag to completely erase the board and then went over it again with the magic eraser (which I have been using to erase it).

After this, the water and vinegar on a rag cleaned it beautifully. Just once over and it was done.


That’s all.

The end.

Have a lovely day!

And now you can see why it occasionally needs cleaned. = )
And now you can see why it occasionally needs cleaned. = )


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