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I had thought about sharing a fun home tour from a blogger I admire today, but what I wanted to do yesterday didn’t happen, so I’m going to put that off for later. (i.e. what I wanted to do for yesterday, I’m attempting to do today… or rather last night)

Most of my posts are pre-written (obviously, I don’t have time during the day to just sit down, pound out something worth reading, and then hit “publish”). So I thought it’d be fun to hammer out something personal and unplanned just to see how it goes.

Ready? I’m glad you are, because I’m not!


I was going to cook a rutabaga tonight for dinner, but was spared by my father-in-law coming to town. Don’t worry, I’m still excited to cook it; today just wasn’t the day, I was trying to accomplish too much and it would have been a disaster.

Why a rutabaga? Well, if you follow me on pinterest, you might have seen that I pinned a rutabaga recipe with a caption something like this, “When your children start reading Winnie the Pooh on their own, you will find yourself buying a rutabaga while you’re at the store (thank you, Rabbit).”

Okay, you know me, my sense of adventure; I’m all for trying a rutabaga. Kind of always wanted to.


Mckayla was quite difficult to feed today. It seems to me that parenting is not about the one and done’s as it is the consistent exercises. We have worked with her so much and seen a lot of progress, but every now and then she’ll throw something out like she did today, and it feels like the whole day is rearranged to deal with it.

While I  was content, but not super happy with where we ended this afternoon, she behaved and ate really well while we were out with Pop tonight, so I was thankful for that.


I want to do a giveaway here on the blog, but have no idea where to start. Actually, I don’t know what to give. I’m sort of one of those gift-givers that actually ends up giving things that I want (oops!), so I’m trying to decide if my ideas are good ones or just a weird sense of revenge on all those giveaways that I never won.


Actually, I don’t really enter many giveaways, do you? I’d say I’ve entered way less than ten in my whole “blogging” history. And of course, never won. But that’s okay. Something about seeing 400 comments on a post that normally has 20 just makes me not want to enter. Weird.


Paul bought me flowers on Mother’s Day. Not like florist flowers, but like plant flowers that you could keep in your house or your yard to be beautiful forever (if you knew which they belonged in). It’s sort of a yearly tradition. He buys me those kinds of flowers, and I kill them. The ones from this year are already looking quite sad. I had put them outside for several days before realizing that they were supposed to be indoors. But I can’t figure out if they need to be repotted or just cared for? There wasn’t any information with them and the website suggested was super unhelpful.

I really want to put them in the car and drive to Lowe’s and say, “Hey, what can I do to make these live?”

But is that worth it? What if I do everything I’m supposed to and they still die? What if they die because I never tried?

There they sit, up on the fridge, hating their life.


I enjoy blogging. I have about ten ideas every day for new posts. Lately, I’ve been trying to just buckle down and finish some that have been hanging around forever. It’s so hard to push through when you’re writing and a new idea comes or you think, “I wonder if so and so posted anything today? Maybe I should check.” Anyways, some ideas that are in my head right now are either titled or generally about, “The file marked ‘Gospel’,” “Personal Style-Words,” “When choosing between brown and black…” “Mckayla’s vocabulary,” “Ways to entertain your children at doctor’s appointments,” “Pre-potty training Mckayla,” “Potty training: What not to do,” “Chasing Triumph,” “An Older, Wiser Couponer,” and “Make your own jello playdough.”


I need to go to bed. Maybe next time, I’ll ask you what’s on your mind. Actually that’s another idea I have; a fun, “Ask the Audience” day. Well, I do hope you have a good night, or day, or whatever you’re having while you’re reading this.

Thanks for reading,


3 thoughts on “What’s on my mind

  1. Let me know if you come to any conclusions about giveaways. I have been thinking about it too–mainly we have about a million books, and I could group some parenting ones, etc. But my husband doesn’t think that’s a great idea. I enjoyed reading about your day–I’m in the same place with children and whatnot!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! About the giveaway, I’d love to see if I could get a sponsor, but just haven’t decided on the right one to ask. Maybe that’s shooting a little too high, but you never know. = )


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