Celebration Preparation

I want the girls to understand that Easter is our biggest celebration day of the year. It will take awhile (probably years) to figure out how to make this happen completely, but for now, we’re going to do what we can.

It struck me on Sunday that I should probably take this whole week to prepare/celebrate. Last minute plans and efforts make for stressful situations and divided hearts.

So I decided to do what I could, with a week.

I’ve looked at Easter crafts and lessons online and am largely unsatisfied with what I’ve found. The typical resurrection eggs, cookies, wreaths made out of eggs, and bunnies just don’t appeal to me. They might have a place later on, but for now, I want the girls to be really sure that we’re celebrating Jesus, specifically his victory over death.

Here’s how our first craft attempt went:

The girls have been begging me to paint forever; I found some paper and drew a picture of a cave with the stone door rolled off to the side and wrote at the top “Alleluia!” I figured they could paint it however they wanted. It was an in-the-moment idea, but it ended up pretty well.

We were not planning on Gracie joining us. I inwardly groaned when I heard her waking up, but she turned out to be a happy addition. (At first she said that she didn’t want to paint because she was scared. I told her she could just sit with me and… it didn’t take her long to dive in. = )

Here are pictures of the girls in progress.

Hope, who was the most conscientious
Hope, who was the most conscientious
Sophia, who was a lot more grown up in how she used the paint this time (yay!)
Sophia, who was a lot more grown up in how she used the paint this time (yay!)
And Gracie, who was really excited!
And Gracie, who was so excited it was hard to get a non-motion-blurred picture!

Here they are displaying their master skills and unique styles. = )


Paul called this the mug shot.
Paul called this the mug shot. Believe it or not, this is her “Cheese!” face.
Here; this one is a little better = )
Here; this one is a little better = )

Our work space; set-ups like this make me happy.


And, because I couldn’t resist. Mom has to have a little fun, too, right?

IMG_2082IMG_2085IMG_2084Ha! I love it!

And yes, they are wearing Mommy’s t-shirts turned inside out to protect their clothes.

So fun! I’m really glad we did it. I have a few more ideas for the rest of the week… we’ll see what happens.

Happy Celebrating!

One thought on “Celebration Preparation

  1. Great job planning ahead and braving the paint! I just have to comment on your comment that those situations make you happy. They make me stressed! 🙂 Have you looked into making Resurrection rolls? That sounds like a neat idea to me. I’ve also seen where the children make a “crown” out of playdough and then stick toothpicks into it for the thorns, and get a vivid image of Christ’s passion there.


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