The Patience Store


Have you ever said something to your children that came back to bite you; or convict you?

I don’t remember the exact circumstances surrounding this event, but I do know that Sophia was having trouble being patient.

I oh-so-lovingly-and-gently said, “Sophia, you need to be patient.” She replied unsatisfactorily a few times before I again insisted, “Sophia, you must be patient.”

Her response was classic. “But I don’t have any more patience!”

An idea popped into my head. “Well, you’ll just have to go get some.”

“Where?” she asked suspiciously.

“From The Patience Store.”

“But I don’t have any money.” This kid didn’t get off the boat yesterday.

I continued my thought, “It doesn’t cost anything; it’s free; you just have to go and ask for it. There’s as much as you need.”

I’m not sure if she was just completely amused at the idea, or decided to be more patient, or whatever; I don’t remember at all any further happenings regarding her and that conversation.

But I do remember that a few days later, I was having trouble being patient. Caused I’m sure by circumstances ordinary to any mom: needy kids, overflowing housework, not enough sleep, not enough devotion to Jesus. I was huffy and grumbling in my mind and tired of it all.

These words ran through my head, “You need to go to the Patience Store. There’s as much as you need; you just have to ask for it.”

Big sigh.

It really is that simple isn’t it?

Since that day, I’ve even thought about it further when pondering writing this post. James says that God gives to us liberally without asking why we keep coming back. He gives when we ask for wisdom. This wisdom we ask for is in direct response to the many, various and sudden trials of life. Why can we have joy in these trials? Because they produce that beautiful, precious, high-value virtue… patience.

It’s abundantly available.

I probably need to sign up for the frequent shopper card.


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