Day 13: Christmas shopping for Daddy, anxiety, and felt flowers

Bet Shan; this city is important because it illustrates the Romanization of the Jew at the time of Jesus. Seen here the "Cardo" or main street.
Beit She’an; this city is important because it illustrates the Romanization of the Jews at the time of Jesus. Seen here the “Cardo” or main street.
Remains from the earthquake at Bet Shan
Remains from the earthquake at Beit She’an
Theater at Bet Shan
Theater at Beit She’an
Viewing the old city of Beit She'an; Saul's body was hung in disgrace on this hill.
Viewing the old city of Beit She’an; Saul’s body was hung in disgrace on this hill.

It’s been awhile since I’ve really been able to buy Paul presents.

Gone are the days of being in love, single, employed, and able to buy things for the man you love. Not that I’d trade a big warm body to cuddle up to at night, no siree! But I do miss giving him special gifts.

Let’s see, last year I had this great idea to make homemade butter and other gifts to sell at our apartment office in hopes of making enough money to buy him a really great present. After covering the costs of   materials I had about sixteen dollars left which I used to buy him The Johnstown Flood by David McCullough which he really liked, but it was not the kind of present I had hoped for.

But this year would be different! I still didn’t have any money, but because he was gone I made some executive decisions about how the money given to us by family would be used. (Haha! rubbing hands together gleefully) Of course, the girls would get their presents, but they already have so much and the things they wanted weren’t going to cost that much anyways. So the girls and I discussed it, and we made a plan to go shopping for Daddy!

Bottom line: it was a blast.

I won’t bore you with the nitty-gritty details, but here’s what we came away with. A laptop table from World Market, Hebrews from the New American Commentary series, a dress shirt and coordinating tie (picked out so lovingly and adorably by Hope and Sophia), and a stud finder (we are permanently and irreversibly diy/home improvement challenged). Yay for presents!


After a great day of shopping for daddy, I noticed that I was really feeling anxious about him flying home. So much for my unshakable trust in the sovereignty of God that allowed me to not worry at all when he was flying over there.

Basically, I think that knowing he was so close to coming back just made me really want to know that nothing would keep us apart any longer. Everything had gone so well; it was nerve-wracking to think about what would transpire if there were any major calamities now, on our end or on his end. My solution? A night of crafting.

I am not a crafter whatsoever, but I had heard that felt flowers were really easy to make and I wanted to actually make something to give the girls for Christmas. After putting it off for two weeks, I decided that I might not get any sleep that night anyways, so I would do something to occupy my mind.

Unbelievably, they turned out in such a way that you could recognize them! It was tons of fun and I will hopefully do  more in the future. I confess one that was supposed to look like a rose ended up looking like a really bad outie belly button, but other than that, I was happy with them.

Now to go to sleep, and wake up, and hear that he’s in the states.

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4 thoughts on “Day 13: Christmas shopping for Daddy, anxiety, and felt flowers

  1. Your blog post really touched my heart. I do hope that Paul has returned home safely and that the new year finds you all blessed, in love with each other like never before.


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