Day 10: the weakest link

A view of Arbel from the Sea of Galilee
A view of Arbel from the Sea of Galilee
Like place for the setting of John 21
Likely place for the setting of John 21
Tour boat on the Sea of Galilee
Tour boat on the Sea of Galilee
Driving to Arbel

I wondered who would be most affected by Paul’s absence for two weeks.

Hope? Who’s connection to Paul still surpasses the other girls.

Sophia? Our emotionally fragile, oh-so-sympathetic roller coaster.

Gracie? Recovering Mama’s girl.

Mckayla? Happy as long as she has her food, her mama, and a chance to run around the house and play.

I must say the answered surprised me.

Ever since Saturday night, Gracie has been asking for Paul. Not whining, not crying, just asking, “Where’s Daddy?”

She doesn’t know where Israel is. She doesn’t understand a study trip. She just knows Daddy’s not at the dinner table. And she’s getting tired of it!

I’ve noticed a change in her behavior. Like I said, asking for Paul; also becoming super clingy to me. How many times can one girl come in the kitchen and ask me to hold her? So far there haven’t been any meltdowns, but we still have several days to go.

Hang in there, Gracie; Daddy will be home soon.

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