To stop a beating heart

As I have been processing the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, the realization has come to me that we all do at some level still deeply value human life.

I shut my eyes, and try to think of how to say this without being unnecessarily offensive while still maintaining pleading honesty.

Why does it bother us that the lives of small children were ended, yet in the same day we as a nation champion the cause of ending even smaller lives?

Some of the children in that school at least had the opportunity to run or hide in a closet. Unborn boys and girls can’t even do that.

We grieve at seeing the destruction of those children, but would think nothing of their destruction if had been just, say, ten years and seven months earlier. But ten years and seven months earlier they were the same person that they are today, just smaller and more helpless.

From the little bit of reading I have done around the Word Press community, I understand that this will probably not be a welcome opinion; and that’s okay. It is not my intent at all to be incindiary or uncaring; I’m just trying to write what I’m thinking as a way to process the grief in my heart.

But ending a life is ending a life. And the knowledge of when life begins and who gives it is unmistakably burnt in our hearts.

I was relieved to hear that the children were told to close their eyes as they walked past such unnecessary carnage.

But we are adults; we must not close our eyes to this other horror in our nation.

The 180 presentation really helped me to understand how I thought about this question. It’s definitely thought-provoking, whether you’re for or against.


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