New Year’s questions for your kids – 2019

Here’s my list of questions to ask your kids sometime around the New Year. We always love this time of hearing their thoughts from the previous year and thinking together about the new one. Use it as a starting place for your own family or friends.

  1. What was your favorite memory from this year?
  2. What was the hardest thing about this year?
  3. What was your favorite book of the Bible that we read together? Why?
  4. What was your favorite other book?
  5. How have you grown this year?
  6. What is something you learned that you didn’t know or couldn’t do last year?
  7. What was your biggest disappointment or failure?
  8. What is one thing you want to learn this year?
  9. What is one thing you want to be different this year?
  10. What is one way you want to grow in loving God this year?
  11. What is one way you want to grow in loving others this year?
  12. What is one thing you’d like to do with the family this year?
  13. How can we pray for you?

This year I have the questions written down in my journal with places to record the answers. I hope these provide opportunities for some great conversations!

My kids answers to their New Year’s Day questions

imageIf you remember, I came up with some questions to ask my kids on New Year’s Day. And we actually did it!

Let me tell you, their answers totally surprised me! Isn’t it fun to ask a question and then be surprised by the answer?

The biggest realization for me was just how small their world is. When I asked, “Where is somewhere you want to go this year?” I was imagining they would answer Washington D.C., California, or England. But nope, it was a local park, the mall, and Chick-fil-A. All of which we have been to more than once this year. Wow.

Also of note before you read is that Gracie rather got stuck in a rut. Just so there’s no confusing that she’s the most spiritual three-year-old in the world or anything.

So here, for those interested, are my kids answers to their New Year’s Day questions.


*What was your favorite thing about last year?
H- my birthday, breakfast with daddy
S- being in the waves at the beach, camp, pool with Daddy, birthday
G- that we read the Bible
*What was the worst thing that happened last year?
H- when my sister’s pulled my hair
S- when I was sick
G- we were bad
*What do you think you learned last year?
H- about money, Abraham Lincoln is on the cent
S- how to read
G- about Joseph, their Dad
*What is one thing you really hope happens this year?
H- to start playing my violin
S- go to the mall
G- that we don’t bad things
*What would you like to do more of this year?
H- decorate more
S- go to the mall and bounce on the bouncy thing
G- to go to Walmart
*What part of obeying Daddy and Mommy do you think you should work on this year?
H- all of it more
S- I can’t think of anything
G- trust them, to not disobey
*How do you think you could be more loving to your family this year?
H- helping if stuff breaks
S- give Daddy a big hug
G- to be good, for us to not be bad
*How do you think we should try to help other people who don’t have as much as we do this year?
H- give extra pillows, maybe old hats and scarves
S- can’t think of anything
G- to trust in the Lord
*What is something you would like to learn this year?
H- about bugs
S- I would like to learn about tying the tree skirt around the Christmas tree, putting glass ornaments on the tree carefully with not breaking
G- to trust in God
*Where is somewhere you would like to go this year?
H- “C” Park
S- to the mall
G- to Chick-fil-A
*If you had a choice between Mommy reading to you more or teaching you music and piano more, which would you choose?
H- music and piano
S- I don’t know
G- reading
*What is one thing you want to work on this year?
H- playing the violin
S- better at standing on my head
G- the Christmas tree
*What would you like Mommy to do more of this year?
H- cleaning
S- play games with us this year
G- play music and piano
*What would you like Mommy to do less of this year?
H- I don’t know
S-less grocery shopping
G- make lunch
*What do you want to pray for about this year?
H- help us be good at Pastor N and Miss J’s house
S- Miss S
G- for Jesus to come back
These cracked me up. And a few gave me some insights for things to do this year.
Did you try this with your kids? Get any funny answers?
Thanks for reading!