I suppose that this is quite an old idea, but I shall return to it anyway. We’ve had a great Thanksgiving, but I haven’t had much time to think specifically about things to be thankful for. So I will write it here and go to bed. (in the order they come) and…a friend suggested to say what you’re thankful for and then add a because. I made my list first and will add the because in italics.

1. The sacrifice of Christ and gift of salvation. because without this I would have no hope

2. A warm blanket to curl up under. because it feels so good

3. Food in the refrigerator. because I know it will last several days

4. Adorable children. because this makes it easier to love them when they are less than good

5. A husband who takes the Bible seriously…no really, seriously. because his example reproves me every day; I want to be like him

6. Health because it sure does make life less complicated

7. Heat because I don’t deserve this and so many people don’t have it

8. Books because I love them, because of the opportunity to learn

9. Blogs because they provide so much relaxation and inspiration

10. Church because as imperfect as we are, we can grow to be more like Christ together

11. Friends because this again, I don’t deserve

12. Hard times because they help me to be thankful for what’s really important 

13. Forgiveness because I need it every second of the day

14. Mercy because I am such a great sinner

15. A laundry room with washer and dryer because I remember what it was like without them

16. A forgiving husband when I neglect to use the washer and dryer because this happens so often

17. Prayer because even though I continually neglect to use this amazing privilege, God doesn’t take it away from me

18. Soft, comfortable clothes because again, it feels so good

19. Most of all, mercy. because God is so good to me and I truly don’t deserve it

Can you feel the stress?

By my clock, there are twenty-six hours and forty-eight minutes until Thanksgiving. I have a little over half of that until my company comes. And today, I felt it.

Yesterday I was motivated. With my to-do list in hand, I ran around the house fixing, cleaning and preparing. But not too much; just enough to accomplish what needed to be done, knowing there was a set plan for the next two days.

Fast forward to this morning. I don’t know if it was me or the girls, but something wasn’t clicking. Gracie had four accidents; Hope and Sophia pulled their dresser over; Mckayla was cranky and my efforts notwithstanding, the word for the day was futility.

I hereby declare that I think stress is inevitable during the holidays! (So stop publishing misleading articles about a stress-less holiday, you lovely magazines that we all adore!)

Let’s see, I’m suffering from menu-picking paralysis, I need to clean the kitchen floor, tidy up the house, fold some laundry and go to the store. All before going to bed tonight. but I want to go to bed now! No matter. Oh and all that I just listed is so that I can be ready to do what I need to do tomorrow. (sarcastic smiley face)

All right, it’s not all that bad. I mean everything I said is true, but the stress levels haven’t reached dangerous heights. Just lettin’ you know, I’m feelin’ it. How about you?

P.S. To all those who are reading my new somewhat rough blog: Thank you so much for reading; I really appreciate the encouragment. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.