Summer bucket list

Today is our first official summer weekday – school is over!

I’ve decided to keep track of all the special things we get to do – things that seem elusive in the pace of homeschooling life.

So this is really a bucket list in reverse. Cherishing those sweet, small, unexpected moments as they come.

Yesterday started my inspiration.

1. Worked on a puzzle with Hope. Everyone else was either napping or otherwise occupied – it was wonderful!

2. Played Candyland with Mckayla and Sophia. Two whole games! How long has it been since we’ve done that?

This morning.

3. Watching Mckayla “read” Mayweigh for Ducklings to Zoe. (also known as Make Way for Ducklings to the non-three years olds of the world.) Zoe was more interested in the cereal Gracie was pouring, but it was incredibly sweet nonetheless.


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