Due dates, birthdays, what-nots and so forths


Hello dear readers, from a nine months pregnant, not currently sleeping birthday girl.

How are ya’ll doing?

The first thing on my mind right now is how much I love my husband. I will try to spare you ushy-gushy details that you really have no desire to hear and just say that, though he’s technically not a birthday gift, he is by far what I am most grateful for right now. His love and care, his laid back, easy-to-live-with style of doing things, the way he loves our girls, the way he tells me the details about his golf outings…that, and so much more have me loving him like crazy. (also included is the fact that he totally knows that times like this can be horribly hormone-induced and gone tomorrow, but he still puts up with my sentiments.) = )

Next is that, though I’m obviously excited to have this baby, I’m so thankful for these “extra days” with our girlies. My mom is here now, so I can play and cuddle more than I feed and direct so that is making these times so special. I know that once the baby comes, they will all look so much bigger; that I will hear them laughing and playing outside my room and want to go join them, but fall back asleep from exhaustion. In some ways, I think they sense it to; I’ve been on the receiving end of so many sweet hugs and kisses. We can hold out for a few more days if that keeps up.

As far as the baby goes, I still feel really good. She still moves consistently, so I don’t feel any need to worry. I guess when you’re the fifth you have to break new ground however you can. (all the others have been early, and I am now two days late)

I dread going through labor. It’s constantly on mind. I’m trying to exchange fear with prayers for strength, faith and mercy. We never take for granted the little life that lays inside; I pray for her to be safe, to be healthy and strong. I want to hold her so badly. I pray for God to help me trust in him and rejoice in him in whatever he chooses to give us. I pray that by his grace he would be glorified.

And at night, I ask my husband to get me a watermelon airhead. And a Milky Way, just in case.

Everything is all ready, though I’ve certainly lost my ready-to-go edge. I wonder how it all will go down.

As far as my birthday goes, my list of things to do might sound a little strange. No special foods or restaurants really sound appealing. I think it might be fun to go to Salvation Army, redo a lamp just for fun, drive to Anthropologie and walk around looking for inspiration (and breathing in the awesome smells), hold my girls, and sit next to Paul at night reading together. Oh and do a workout video with my mom. I really want her to see how cute the girls are when they do it. Honestly, having a baby on my birthday would not be tops on my list, but at this point we really can’t be too picky. = )

That’s about all I have to say for now. Maybe I can fall asleep soon??

So this is how I looked three months ago - you can imagine how big I am now. Aye-ay-yay!
So this is how I looked three months ago – you can imagine how big I am now. Aye-ay-yay!

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