For lint trap lazies

imageI used to be really good about cleaning out my lint trap. It wasn’t even a thought in my mind, I just did it.

But… oh, somewhere around the birth of our third and our big move, I completely fell off the lint trap wagon.

The first time that I waited so long to do it and then tried and had the whole lint sweater fall down in the dryer, I was demoralized. I was going to have to tell Paul that he was going to fix the dryer because his wife couldn’t seem to remember to just empty the lint trap. Rrrrrrr.

Of course, he was very sweet about it, but I still felt terrible. Then I did a little better – meaning I managed to clean it out right before it got to that point about fifty-seven times.

But, then it happened again. I was so so SO SO mad at myself!


Why can’t I just clean out the silly lint trap?

Well, this time, I decided to figure it out by myself. Paul realized what was going on… oh, I’d say when I started watching youtube videos on how to take off the back of your dryer while we were in bed.

He laughed and said, “What would drive a person to make a silly video like that?”

“Because there’s dorks like me who will watch them!” I replied.

But, there is amazing news!

It worked!

I watched this youtube video, then locked my kids in a room with a kids story and music cd (grandparent disclaimer: it wasn’t actually locked), and took the back of my dryer off, took off the lint catcher, cleaned out the lint, and put it all back together! It worked exactly like the video.

Amazing! I texted Paul with some sort of nonsense like, “I’m on top of the world!”

It took less than forty-five minutes and that included cleaning off all of the junk on the dryer (one of the original culprits, no doubt) and finagling back and forth and over and behind the dryer.

And I’m just consoling myself with this post, hoping someone else out there can relate and possibly use this, too? = )

Here’s the link again: Cleaning out a dryer with top lint cleanout


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