When a mom feels disconnected


How many times have I walked through my house, interacted with my girls, gone about my responsibilities, but known something was wrong?

Have you ever felt like that?

I’m here, but I’m just not really here.

My girls play really well by themselves, so it’s not uncommon for me to be working around them while they play some silly game they’ve made up. But there’s still just a difference sometimes.

If I had to rattle off the symptoms they would probably go something like this: my kids aren’t listening to me, I can’t remember what I’m supposed to be doing, when is my husband ever going to get home and save me from this madness, I just want to go somewhere and be by myself…

Now sometimes these feelings are caused by just ordinary, crazy motherhood. I know that. But I think a lot of moms would agree that there are other times when we know something is genuinely wrong.

When I begin to feel like this, and when I’m finally honest with myself, I have to admit: the problem isn’t my kids…

… the problem is me.

A lot of voices “out there” tell moms to just relax. Go do something for yourself… have some me time... Or the Christian version: There’s grace… there’s rest… just remember how much God loves you… He knows what you’re doing is hard…

Those things are true, absolutely, but when I jump to those before really dealing with the issue, nothing is solved, just temporarily passed over.

You see, I’m prone to wander. A converted idol-worshiper.

How quickly I slip from glorying and rejoicing in God to seeking my own pleasure and satisfaction in temporary things, maybe even my kids or domestic accomplishments. And from there it’s just a slippery slope to being discontented and unhappy with everything because loving God has been abandoned.

I try to take these feelings very seriously. As already said, I, by nature was born bent against God. Though His child now and blessed with unspeakable grace and mercy, it’s all too easy to forget.

The only answer is repentance.

I wish I could say that at the moment of realization, I repent immediately, but of course, that’s not always the case. The reason that I’m writing this now is because of two days that have been an absolute struggle. I wish that I had given in sooner.

I don’t think our kids keep us from God as much as we would like to think; they just manifest where we are with God in glaring, vivid color.

When things are turned back right, the day might not look all that different to an onlooker, but the heart will be different, and the mom will know.

4 thoughts on “When a mom feels disconnected

  1. I agree with your statement, “I don’t think our kids keep us from God as much as we would like to think…” We are masters at making excuses. It is true, however, that motherhood makes it harder to be with God. But you’re right–we need to not be so quick to say, “God understands…you need me time…” It’s almost like saying, “God understands your selfishness and need to focus on self for a while.” Unacceptable. As mothers, we need Him even more and must have self-discipline and a plan for how we will still love God and be satisfied in Him more than anything else.

    1. Absolutely! Every challenge that comes into our life including motherhood is made to expose our weakness and glorify the strength of God! It’s such a shame, but I often find myself running from His strength to mine because that’s what “pleases” me. Seeking him, whether through alone time studying (very rare), meditating on a familiar passage while doing dishes, or even singing praise with your kids by the bathtub all provide that rest that can only come from savoring His greatness. You’re such a great friend and inspiration, Amy! I’m so thankful for your example.

  2. “I don’t think our kids keep us from God as much as we would like to think; they just manifest where we are with God in glaring, vivid color.” Argh! So true. My kids serve as a great mirror to my heart.


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