My bright ideas #2: solution for unemployment

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Hold on to your horses, people, because this is going to be amazing.

I thought of this at least a year ago, and it’s been burning in my conscience so badly that I just can’t keep it from the world any longer.

I have the solution to unemployment. And neither the government nor the taxpayer has to pay for it.


Have you ever been driving along a beautiful street and then saw an obnoxious, out-of-place telephone pole and thought, “That is so ugly! I wish they would take them down.”

Well, I have.

And that’s when it clicked.

We need to rid America of telephone poles! We don’t need them anymore and they’re really just ugly, unnecessary fixtures that we have to pay to maintain. Imagine the millions of jobs that this could create if we just committed to taking down the telephone poles!

Here’s where it gets brilliant. The cell phone companies would be called upon to subsidize it, because after all, it’s going to make them a lot more money. You could sell the wood to make amazing reclaimed pieces… that would make more money, too. It’s a win-win!

You wish you’d thought of this, right?

And hey, it really is a long-lasting solution, because you know that as soon as they get that last hideous thing down…

… our whole digital, wireless, crazy technology world is going to collapse. And,

you’ll have to rehire people to put them back up.

4 thoughts on “My bright ideas #2: solution for unemployment

  1. Telephone poles are REALLY ugly. And isn’t it weird that once you start noticing them, you can’t stop! I become obsessed with them and their ugliness. But maybe the birds would be ticked if we got rid of them. They look pretty content in that photo.

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