Where to begin

Even though I’m ready to begin blogging again, I’m having some difficulty figuring out where to begin. It’s been so long and everything I have ready just doesn’t feel right. The funny things seem too foolish; the serious things seem too heavy.

So I just decided to talk.

Believe it or not, I really enjoyed some time away from the Internet. It’s so easy as a busy mom or wife to feel so exhausted at the end of the day that anything but mindlessly enjoying the Internet feels like too much of a strain. But that’s really just a trick our mind plays on us. I found that reading books, working on small projects, or even picking up and folding laundry worked just as well in helping me to unwind.

Books remain wonderful. I’m so thankful for some friends who read. They probably don’t realize how they have wordlessly inspired me.

In other news, Mckayla is climbing on everything! She daily gives me a scare of some sort. One Sunday morning I found her on the floor of the kitchen with two unwrapped dum-dums in her hands. She had climbed up the cabinets enough to reach my purse, empty the contents, and enjoy her finds. It was too cute to be mad about. Life doesn’t get much better than a lollipop in each hand when you’re one.

Well, I’ve officially started back. Oh, and I’m really going to try to only do three posts a week for a few months and see how that goes. Haha, with summer schedules that might even be an overestimation. Thanks so much for reading even while I was gone.

Hope you’re having a lovely and hope-filled day,



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