For family and friends/Farm Day/(the motherload)/part 1

Hello to all!

First I have to say that it feels like forever since anything has been posted around here! But thanks to all who have been reading the last few days anyways, I really appreciate it!

If you’re wondering what (the motherload) was doing in the title, here is the scoop: this post has a ton of pictures.

If you are a grandmother, aunt, close friend, or angelic babysitter… prepare to be very, very happy. If you cannot claim any of the above-mentioned titles or anything close to any of the above-mentioned titles, prepare to be very, very bored. You will not hurt my feelings at all by clicking away. Just so we’re clear. = )

We happen to live in a really, really cool place with lots of things for families to do. A nearby university hosts a “farm day” every year and we finally made it this time!

You know it’s a good activity when you hear your kids saying frequently and without solicitation, “This is a really fun thing to do.” “I’m having so much fun.” “This is so cool!” “Thanks for bringing us here to do this, Mom.”

It was tiring! But rewarding! A really good, fun day.

So without further ado, I present you with part 1 of our Farm Day pictures.

The first thing the girls did was hold baby chicks. Gracie was not interested.


IMG_2088Here are all the girls… excited about all the things they’re going to see.


Next we went outside to see a horse demonstration which was actually just someone on a horse talking. But the girls did have the chance then to stand in line to pet the horse. When I asked them if they wanted to do that, they answered, “Yes!” Gracie was not interested in petting the horse, but the friendly helper picked her up and touched the horse with her hand anyway.


Back inside we got to see a one month old foal and his mom. Needless to say, the girls loved that. We saw some cows and saw a line to milk a… fake cow? I didn’t think they’d be interested; but apparently my mind doesn’t work like a preschoolers because they definitely were interested! Interested enough to stand happily in line for a long time!


Mckayla wasn’t quite sure what all the hullaballoo was about.


Hope made good use of her time by practicing her photography skills.


And finally, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! I mean, the pail of milk under the white and black painted box! I have to admit, it was worth the wait. The girls thought it was so cool (except for Gracie, who wanted to do it until it was her turn).


Back outside again, we saw a “REAL BABY DAIRY COW THAT WAS GOING TO GROW UP AND GIVE MILK!” Yes, a baby cow reclining in some bark really was that exciting after the milking experience! (Did you know that a milk cow can produce 80-100 pounds of milk per day? I’m pretty sure I need one.)


And did you know, that there are such things as “hair” sheep? As opposed to “wool” sheep. Here’s proof. (Gracie again, not interested. {by not interested I mean content to look, but terrified to touch})


Inside again, they caught sight of another fake cow! Hope made sure to tell me that it wasn’t really real because she could see inside and it was a person. Shocking.


And then, a breeze began to blow. The clouds began to part. Soft music began to play.


Because we headed to the bunnies.

And at the bunny cages… Gracie fell in love.

She’s touching it! She’s touching it!


I thought my heart was going to melt all over the ground. She was completely taken, transfixed. She would pet them as long as I would let her. Hope and Sophia were so excited for her; it was quite the sweet, sweet, very sweet moment. She told many people afterwards, “The bwack one didn’t let me pet him. He just (sound effect) “ooped” away. But the bwown one and da white one let me pet them. Yeah, I like the bunnies.”

We went back a second time and this time Mckayla got to look, too. She was very excited with it all, but not quite as gentle as Gracie. = )


And so with this, I close part 1 of our Farm Day picture post.

Hope you enjoyed it! I will try to post the other one either later today or tomorrow.

Love to all,


3 thoughts on “For family and friends/Farm Day/(the motherload)/part 1

  1. Fun! How did you find out about this? Looks like a definite must-see for next year!

    1. I’ve known it happens for a couple years now, but never looked it up to know just when. Someone told me about it like the night before so I got all my gumption up and went for it! Exhausting, but worth it. = )


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