For family and friends

Hello all! I have a bunch of pictures for you this week. The girls are currently building a fort in the middle of the living room while I am sitting on the couch working on this. We’ll see how it goes. = )

To start with, I know you’ve seen pictures like this before, but I just love them so much, that I had to share again.

IMG_2041Another one of Mckayla’s sweet smiles. She likes having her picture taken.

IMG_1986Gracie once again expanded her style this week, experimenting with mixing stripes and polka dots. Has she been looking at Pinterest?

IMG_2004IMG_2006This is the same outfit from before, just with a blue jacket added. = ) And is she trying to be Patch the Pirate?

IMG_2008Caught stealing my black beans while I put Mckayla down for a nap. The jacket was gross; definitely made a visit to the washing machine!

IMG_2038There is no better playground than Daddy laying on the floor. I love Paul; sometimes when he comes in the door, I think he can tell that the girls just need to play; so he lays down and they just crawl, climb, jump, and walk all over him. He huffs in protest, but the girls and I know he loves it. = )

IMG_1976And it’s been all about the brackets around here! (More on this tomorrow)

IMG_1983And two more fun pics from my phone: Sophia showing me that she could lift this giant branch,

imageand Mommy and Mckayla having some fun after bath time.

0315131946Love to all! (and it worked ~ hooray = )

4 thoughts on “For family and friends

  1. That Gracie has a funny personality! Seth loves having his back walked on by the kids. And I loved the picture of you as well! You’re a beautiful momma!


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