For family and friends

I think the most significant event of this past week was the time change. I just could not switch over. Thankfully, the girls were very flexible; waking up later, but still going to bed when they should. Maybe we’ll get it this week??

Hope and Sophia finished this after detailed instructions from Dad on the proper way to put together a puzzle. They had a lot of fun working on it with him, and I even did a little bit, too. (Though I’ve never put a puzzle together properly in my life = ) Sophia never even got frusteratered, which was a great improvement from last time. = )

300 pieces
300 pieces

Gracie decided to expand her style a little bit and go for more layers.

There's nothing like layering... two whole outfits!
There’s nothing like layering… two whole outfits!

Mckayla fed herself pudding!

IMG_1894IMG_1896Gracie and Mckayla sitting on the kitchen floor reading one of Sophia’s birthday cards. Gracie still wears her coat and hood every chance she get. This picture is particularly fun because she’s also carrying a pig in a carseat on her back (another one of her favorite activities) = )

IMG_1888As I said before, the time change was not kind to us this week. During a late dinner on Tuesday night, I noticed Gracie and Sophia starting to put their heads on the table. As I took some dirty dishes into the kitchen, I jokingly said, “All right, everybody just go to sleep on the table,” then turned around to see this…

Those jokers!
Those jokers!

And Daddy’s newest little cuddle bug; she hurries to him every time he comes home for lunch.

So sweet.
So sweet.

Word of the week (used by Hope and Sophia): Apparently.

2 thoughts on “For family and friends

    1. Well, like I said, they had very specific instructions and supervision from their father. They did do way better than previous times though, yay for growing up!

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