A Giant in the House


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They creep through the house, quiet and trembling. I watch from my place at the sink as they hurry into their room and close the door. After a few minutes, the door swings open and four little girls come running out, screaming, “A giant! The giant’s here!” Laughing, giggling, and talking over each other, they come to me and try to explain their game.

A few weeks ago, we found an adorable old book at Salvation Army called The Giant’s Shoe. The girls know it so well that they go around quoting it.

Also a few weeks ago, my husband decided in the middle of dinner to demonstrate the height of Goliath with a tape measurer. (Goliath had been the topic of many of their conversations that week)

Maybe these explain all the giant talk in our house lately???

One giant game I’m particularly fond of is the one that requires they hide between the piano and the wall, covered in blankets and completely quiet. They stay there a long time!! It’s amazing what kids do to entertain themselves.

Hope and Sophia think it’s great fun, but every now and then Gracie runs into the kitchen because she’s truly frightened herself. Mckayla just follows them wherever they go and laughs.

One day Gracie was talking about how much they eat and so I asked her, “Gracie, what do giants eat?”

The answer: “Lions!” In her most dramatic voice.

That night I asked her again to see if she would say it again, but this time she replied, “Five pizzas!” Again, dramatic voice.

Another time I asked her, “Gracie are you scared of giants?”

“No, they’re not sca-wy. Giant’s are nice, just big.”

Well, the giant in the book ran away in a torrent of tears, but from the sounds in the hallway, I’m pretty sure ours is still sticking around. = )


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