Why you really should eat a good breakfast while you’re pregnant, part 3

My poor third child: where are all my newborn pictures of you?
My poor third child: where are all my newborn pictures of you?

So there you have it, my sob story. I blacked out at a funeral and had to be carried off stage from the piano because I hadn’t eaten enough that morning, or any of the previous mornings.

People began to ask me what I had for breakfast that morning. My reply of “cheerios and grape juice” was unsatisfactory.

Now before I say what I’m about to say, know this: the people in that church loved me dearly and everything they said to me was out of genuine care and concern. However, I was descended upon with advice, rebuke, and exhortation; and it stung. I clearly remember one lady telling me, “You shouldn’t go two hours without eating! Even if it’s a handful of peanuts, you’ve got to eat.” Her advice was spot on, but the way it was said still hurt.

It all was completely overwhelming and discouraging. I felt like they thought I was purposely neglecting the care of the baby; if only they could realize, I really didn’t know. I was the baby of the family, had no relatives that I lived near while they were expecting, grew up in a church where there weren’t too many people having babies, and basically had no idea about anything related to having a child develop inside of you.

I remember crying in the car next to my husband, trying to explain how I felt. He was so loving and patient.


This story will probably not relate to a large percentage of young mothers. But maybe, just maybe, someone who needs this will find their way to this post.

If you’re discouraged, confused, overwhelmed, I can totally relate.

You’ve got to change how you think about eating. A sweet friend told me (sweetly!) after “le deluge” that when she became pregnant she started eating three full meals a day.

This was helpful! I knew what three full meals were; hadn’t been in the practice of eating them for awhile… but it was a goal I could work towards. Think enough food to fill a dinner plate with the major food groups represented.

Also, I figured out that you really do have to snack between meals. Peanuts, trail mix, and granola bars were my go to.


It was awhile ago now, that this all happened. But I can still remember the fear and the embarrassment. Would I be able to care for this precious little thing inside me?

Little by little, I learned. But it all started here…

…when you are pregnant, you have to eat.


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