Day 5: It hit me

Springs at Dan. This is where the Jordan begins.
Springs at Dan. This is where the Jordan begins.
Spring at Dan
Spring at Dan
So lovely. No wonder the Danites asked to settle in the north.
Paul took this picture just because he knew I would like it. What a sweet husband.

It’s official. I’m lonely. And I miss Paul really bad.

How hard it must be to lose a loved one. As I sat at the table after the girls were in bed, the house was so quiet. But I could remember him walking here, sitting there, making noise; they were all just shadows of memories though, because he’s not here and won’t be for a while still. How would it feel knowing he would never come back?

Good to know I miss my husband.

Thanks for reading my first series: Taking care of four little girls alone (while my husband is on an amazing study trip to Israel). Here are links to the other related posts. 

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19 thoughts on “Day 5: It hit me

  1. Beautiful pictures! Paul’s a good photographer. How long is he gone? I HATE when Seth is away. 😦 I’ll be thinking of you. Be strong!


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