Too funny: A reblog from Ita Vita African

This is from my dear friend Amy at Ita Vita African. It cracked me up, and I thought you might enjoy it, too. Let’s just say, where they serve in South Africa, people have names that are hard for us to understand.

Keeping the Tyrants Straight

9 March 2013 by Amy

Here’s a recent conversation at our house:

Seth: I have to go to a funeral tomorrow.
Amy: Oh! Who died?
Seth: Hitler’s mom.
Amy: Ohhh. That’s too bad.
Seth: No, not Hitler from church. The other Hitler. The man.
Amy: Do I know him?
Seth: I don’t think so. He worked on the road with me.


Amy: Oh! Oops. I was thinking of Saddam Hussein’s mom.
Seth: Yeah, it’s hard keeping all those moms-of-tyrants straight.