NYR: A goal about love

It just occurred to me as I was sitting here reading online, that maybe I should only have one resolution this year.

You see, there is so much that I’m horribly mediocre at; I long to grow in my decorating and cooking abilities. I want to become a consistent disciple-maker of my children. I want to read more and make better use of my time.

But the one thing that I feel that I want the most often becomes the last priority on the list.  Which we all know means I don’t really want it at all.

I want to love Jesus. But I just love myself too much. It doesn’t matter what I say; my actions speak the truth.

So what if this year my one goal and resolution was to love Jesus?

I know that you have to put more arms and legs on it than that, but here’s my idea for right now. What if at the end of every day, or at the beginning of each morning I survey the past twenty-four hours and ask myself, “Did I love Jesus? Was love for him the motivation behind each action and the constraint behind each refusal?”

I will have to think on this more. I do know that while I look back at this year and am satisfied to see tons of improvement, there’s something major missing. Last year’s goals were great, but it’s time to go farther.

(God is so faithful to lead when we seek Him. Just after these thoughts occurred to me, I came across these posts from girltalkhome.com)