a mere memory

photo credit, lempacreative.comI would do almost anything to hear Mckayla laugh. Fortunately, I don’t have to. Her laughter comes easily and often.

      As I sang her goodnight song, she reached for her blanket and bear; knowing it would make her laugh, I pretended the bear kissed her in between phrases. To see her laugh was pure joy: she threw back her head, wiggled, smiled…all was right in her world. How could I be the one privileged to witness this amazing moment?

I love that my face was close to hers. I love that I was holding her soft, warm body in my arms. I love that I could see every aspect of delight on her face. Wow.

Mckayla, I love you. I hope you never stop laughing. Maybe you’ll read this someday and remember how much your mama loves you.

Goodnight, sweetheart.