It’s official: the Israel trip is on

Really, Bud? Israel? Right now?

You know there’s rockets and stuff; talk of a ground invasion. Mmm….life never can just be a smooth road, can it?

The seminary is really having to make a major decision here. They’ve been working on this trip for so long; it would be a huge disappointment to cancel. But on the other hand (insert Toppel’s voice from Fiddler on the Roof), it’d be pretty bad PR to send your students over there and have them get stuck or something worse.



…the trip is on!!!

All right, I’m not a worrier. And I was truly hoping that he would get to go, and he is!! I’m beyond excited for him.

And you all get to enjoy my running commentary on taking care of the girlies alone.

Series coming soon!

(In case you all were wondering, this series is past tense. But just forget that while you’re reading.)