The “Un”- word of the year

Last week I came across an interesting idea from a few of my favorite bloggers.┬áSince everyone is picking a word of the year; they also picked an “un” word for the year.A word to kick to the curb. A character trait, attitude, vice, etc. to consciously work on not being.

Novel idea, right?

I wasn’t sure if I would link up or not, but then I thought of a good one. Something I really want to overcome this year. It’s a great addition to my 2014 goals; much needed. And since I tend to take things literally, it actually starts with “un.”

un-word of the year, unthankful

This is actually a very specific thing I need to work on this year. While I feel thankful, I’m horrible at expressing it. My list of thank-you notes to write is currently too long. I know it’s a little out of style. Some people make fun of it or put it on their list of things they give themselves permission not to do. But, I really don’t want to go that route.

Theoretically, I want to make more effort to show personal thankfulness in this age of rapid communication and gratification. Even things like hostess gifts, little things that just say you appreciate the kindness shown to you; these are things I want to become. To grow out of the “oh, I forgot; I didn’t have time” excuses.

It won’t happen overnight. But I think it’s well worth working for a year to overcome this omissive unthankfulness.

My girls are already so much better at this than I am. They love to make thank-you notes, pictures and gifts. Do you think I’ve delivered all of those notes, pictures and gifts? I don’t want them to adopt their mom’s negligence.

Unthankfulness: you are not the problem; I am the problem. Prepare to be slowly replaced.


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