It’s a bracket party! (and what the fly on the wall heard)

Well, March Madness is big stuff around here. According to Paul, “It’s Christmas for me!”

So we have had a blast educating the girls about this tradition. Here are some of the funnier things they’ve said, or (mis)said. = )

Gracie pointing to the cheerleaders, “There’s the cher-ries!”

Sophia, who’s picked Florida Gulf Coast to go quite far, “I’m going for Florida Ghost Town!”

Mckayla, while watching the computer screen, “Go! Go! Go!” (not sure where she learned this one) = )

Gracie, when she thought Duke should be doing better, “Duke you have to be better! I want you to Come On!”

Hope, upon finding out that both of her championship teams had already lost, “It’s okay, it’s just a game.”

Gracie, “I wh-eally love popcorn! Boo-ha!”

(The key to keeping four little girls interested in basketball games is POPCORN!) = )

Actually, they barely see a whole game a day. With Paul at work, they maybe catch a few minutes before bath time; but man, can they put down the popcorn!


We had such fun helping the girls fill out their brackets. It was a big deal, complete with popcorn (Boo-ha!) and fruit punch (a very rare treat).

Paul would ask the girls match by match and I would write down their choices. Hope understands now about higher seeds and lower seeds, so it was pretty cute to see her ask Paul, “Who is the lower number?” Sophia and Gracie pretty much pick whatever team you say second. Except for Duke; they always chose Duke. = )

After the first day, Gracie was close to the top of our extended family’s bracket contest. Yay! We won’t talk about where the rest of us were.

Here are the pictures of our bracket party:


Serious business
Serious business
Remember, she wh-eally loves popcorn. Boo-ha!
Remember, she wh-eally loves popcorn. Boo-ha!
Mckayla's favorite place to be
Mckayla’s favorite place to be

A lovely weekend to all.

What the fly on the wall heard, week 3

“Mommy! I haven’t wiggled at all yet!” (Sophia whispered loudly three-quarters of the way through Sunday’s sermon)


All the girls learned to say “Yeah” as their first positive response; and we were thrilled with that… when they were babies. However, lately I’ve been realizing that that is still their initial response and wanted to bring it from a “yeah” or “yep” to a “yes” or “yes, ma’am.” So I told the older three girls what I expected and then we played a little game where I would ask them a yes or no question, and they would have to reply correctly. Of course Hope answered with precision. Gracie got mixed up between sir and ma’am, and Sophia…

“Sophia, are you two?”

“No, ma’am!”

“Sophia, are you four?”

“Yes, ma’am!!!”

“Sophia, do you like pickles?”

“Yes, mammy-sir!!!!!”

“Sophia, is it dark outside?”

“No, mammy-sir-ee-b0b!!!!!!!!”

And then we stopped.


(Gracie to me) “What’s your name?”


“But you call yourself Christie.”


(Mckayla, every time Paul walks in the door) “Daaaaaa-deeeeee!”

What the fly on the wall heard, week 2

This just in from Sophia

“We’re hiding from poisonous snakes. They have guns.”

(I say) “Poisonous snakes don’t have guns.”

“These ones do,” she insists, “They’re right in their brain!” (pointing to right eye)

She continues, “And when they want to shoot, they just raise up their tail, and it hits the gun, and shoots! Even if you’re far away.”



(Gracie) “Mommy, what is ba-ba-jo-ja?”

“I have no idea.” (Mommy)

What the fly on the wall heard

For a long time I have wanted to have a place where I could write down all the ridiculous things that are said in our house on any given day. My sister gets a great kick out of some of the things she overhears during our phone conversations. We’ll see if I can remember to record them as they come.

For today, here is your first edition of What the fly on the wall heard:

“Can you please get me that can of chickpeas that you put up on the piano, Sophia?” (Christie)


(Hope, teaching kindergarten to Sophia and Gracie; just after she taught them how to spell “owl”) “And the way you spell ‘ouch’ is O-W-L-T-H.”


(Gracie, on the way home from getting vaccines) “I’m going to tell Daddy the doctuhs huht me!”

Hope you enjoy! Have a lovely weekend.