DSC_9691.JPGEvery day, what I do is so small.

I take care of small little girls, in a small little apartment, make a small amount of progress on the laundry, and have a very small amount of time to myself.

But there’s so much more going on.

The big picture is that God created me, ordains every detail of my life, and will one day be my King that I can worship and serve, not just by faith, but by sight.

So while this truth weighs on me, excites me, and sobers me; I’ve gotten mountains of laundry to do, ring-around-the-rosie to play, a kitchen to clean, a husband to adore, a house I desperately want to decorate, and some other endless adventure going on.

I blog to process all of this. (and for fun) Most of the posts will fall under the “small steps” category; after all, that’s where the majority of our lives are spent. But there will be times here where I think out loud about the big picture.

I’d love for you to follow along and think with me about the real purpose behind our everyday lives.

Here are some favorite posts so far:

When a mom feels disconnected

Extending grace to your children… graciously

DIY Canisters from Folgers coffee containers

A homemade salad dressing out of WHAT???

Teaching piano lessons to your own child: The Name Game

What the fly on the wall heard

What does a spiritual leader look like?

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I’d love to hear any comments you have regarding the blog. 

Have a lovely day!


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