Ask the Audience: Bats, of the Louisville Slugger variety

Hello there, dear readers!

While I am recovering, chasing little kids, nursing, napping, driving to doctor’s appointments resting, I thought I would put you and your endless creativity to work. = )

Here’s my situation:

While our family was in Louisville this year, we took a tour of the Louisville Slugger Museum – which was very cool. At the end of the tour they give everyone, yes everyone, a miniature Louisville Slugger bat. Everyone including our two-year-old, but that’s beside the point.

The point is that we have six bats, no, not in our house; in our car. Why? Because while my girls are pretty good, I can’t take the chance of one of them taking a swing. And all the “the kids can’t get it here places” are already taken. (Actually we have more than six because of my husband’s other trip to the museum…)

So this is where you come in. I can’t just throw or give the bats away because it was such a great memory. What I want to do is *make something* (famous last words) with the bats that will be either decorative or useful in our house. Complicating this is the matter that all our children are girls, so it can’t be too boyish or baseball-y. I’ve seen adorable headboards made out of bats, but I can’t really see that in our house.

Here is the one thing I’ve found on Pinterest:


Isn’t that sweet? I really like this one, but am not quite sure if I could pull it off. There was also a cute cupcake stand, but it only used one bat so that rather defeats the point.

What do you think I should do? What are your ideas? Suggestions? Findings? I’d love to know!!

And hopefully in about four and a half years, we’ll see what I end up making. ; )

Thanks a million,



I could not get the correct link for the image above. Please click on “source” to go to the site. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Ask the Audience: Bats, of the Louisville Slugger variety

  1. I think you should start your own baseball team. You’ve got the infield covered. You’d just need a pitcher and some outfielders. I’d have the girls watch some instructional baseball videos until the right-fielder arrives. We want them to be sharp.


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