Spring Cleaning: the plan for this year


It’s been Spring for about a month now and I have done absolutely zero spring cleaning.

My problem and a possible solution finally clicked a few days ago.

Last year, we did a concentrated top to bottom spring cleaning. I loved it and looked forward to Spring all year just so we could do it again. A little crazy, I know. But something was different last year. I was neither pregnant nor nursing for the first time in five years! The energy and ability to plan and execute projects amazed me! Wow, no wonder nothing got done in the previous five years. = )

I knew for this year that my first project would be using the broom and a rag to clean all along the top walls and ceilings. But I just never quite had the energy to do that. And I didn’t want to start with something else because you’re supposed to start at the top!

Then I remembered I’m pregnant.

Yes, it took me about a month of putting off spring cleaning to remember that I was pregnant and I might not be able to do it the same as last year.

Have I still had fun pinning different lists and projects? Yes, but I am not really expecting myself to get through all of them.

Want to hear Plan B?

It might sound a little bit like this post about my number one rule for getting things done during pregnancy.

My grand and glorious plan for spring cleaning this year is to do what I feel like when I feel like doing it! Because I am really motivated to clean and there are lots of things that I’m excited about doing. Dusting for cobwebs along the ceiling is just not one of them. Maybe it will be next month.

First I think I’m going to start with a huge housewide purge. I do these every few months anyways, but for some reason I’m really anxious to get rid of stuff. What a fun way to start! For me at least. = )

Then there are these things that must get done.

1. Magic eraser crayon marks off the walls. Have particular artist help or at least stand by while receiving a lecture. = )

2. Stain treat the carpet. Nail polish, purple paint, silly putty… use this method.

3. Clean oven, dishwasher, and washing machine. Use easy, natural methods found on Pinterest.

And so it begins.

Little by little, I’ll reference lists and see things that need to get done and Lord-willing do them.

As much as a it would be lovely to have a deep-cleaned house, I have to remember my priorities for this year, the fact that I’m pregnant, and that overall we’re not doing too bad in the cleaning department.

It will be okay!

What’s going on in your world with Spring Cleaning? If you have any favorite posts or lists be sure to leave them in the comments!

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