Links for free pregnancy workouts

I am not in shape. By heredity alone do I appear to be a small, petite person.

During my first pregnancy I did pretty well taking walks and stretching and stuff. It’s so easy when you can just take off and go. Since then? hasn’t been so great. Exercise has been on my list of New Year’s Resolutions every year since I don’t know when.

So for some reason, about a third of the way into this pregnancy, I decided it was time to start working out. I know my heart is not as strong as it should be, and my back and other muscles are in need of some serious strengthening. Now I will tell you, youtube workout videos would not be my first choice in a perfect world, but they work great for now. And my girls sort of do them with me and that is very entertaining. Probably for both parties involved.

I think it’s been two months now that I have done something every week. Nothing earth-shattering, I’m still not in great shape; but I already feel much better.

In case there is some other momma out there looking for an easy, free way to exercise, I thought I would share the links of what I found. Each of these is free on youtube and no longer than twenty minutes. These are workouts I’m using, and some are just examples of exercises to do. My favorite thing is pilates so there is some of that as well as a few choices of things to do with an exercise ball. These are all very low impact. Now would be an appropriate time to say that if I can do these anybody can. If you know me, please don’t laugh. I said at the outset that I’m not in shape.

Of course you should consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Hope someone finds these helpful! There are other links on my Pinterest board Strong, Fit, and Healthy; I just haven’t tried them all yet. If I keep finding others, I’ll do another post. Remember, these are all free and none are over twenty minutes!



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