My blogging “voice”

Talking to (or screaming with!) your sister
Talking to (or screaming with!) your sister

I’ve heard it said that you should blog like you’re talking to your sister.

You should thank me for not taking this advice. My sister and I only have conversations when she is driving home from work and I am cooking dinner (which everyone knows is the scheduled time for kids to have accidents, fights, and unsolvable problems of all shapes and sizes). In short, if I blogged like I was talking to my sister it would end up reading like this:

Once upon a time, there was a… “Sophia! Get off the chair!”… sorry, anyways, so there’s this really good idea I heard about… “Ah! Why is my burner on fire?!” … okay, I think it’s all right now… “Mckayla, what do you say? Good girl, here you go.” … we should be gracious to our children because… “Gracie, you don’t need to cry about that.” ***So funny! At the exact moment I began typing that Gracie started to cry from her bed.***

And as I return to the couch from comforting the comfortless two-year old, the momentum’s gone; but I think you got the idea.

The thing about me is that I’m not really a talker. I’m the person that very rarely joins in the conversation because by the time I formulate, edit, and decide what I have to say is valuable enough to be voiced, the topic has already changed… a couple times.

I’m more of a thinker.

So here is my blogging voice (as if I’m really trying to even have one, when all I’m working on right now is posting)…

My blogging “voice” is how I think. Sometimes, it’s totally informal “like, yeah, whatever” and other times it’s articulate (I hope; now I’m wondering because no good examples are coming to mind = ) Sometimes it will sound like I’m talking to a friend and other times it will sound like I’m writing for real.

Whatever it is, I’m okay with it.

What about you? I’ve read a lot of different advice regarding your blogging “voice.” What have you gone with? Are you happy with how your blogs “sounds”? 

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