A really boring blogging goal

I have decided that for one year my only goal in blogging will be to post. Do I want to have a great design? Yes! Do I want to figure out community with readers and other bloggers? Yes! Do I want to really figure this thing out? Oh yes!

But! aha! If you do not post, you cannot be a blogger, fascinating design and technological savvy notwithstanding. Few things disappoint me more than to find a blog that looks interesting and then realize…oh, they don’t really post that often.

So, as I have time, I’m just going to spit out all these ideas I have and see how it goes for one year. Did you know I haven’t even told anyone I know about doing this? I’m shy like that. And besides I don’t want them to see it until I’ve figured it out more.

Here’s my goal – post, post, post!

What does all that have to do with the Washington monument? I have no idea.

One thought on “A really boring blogging goal


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